The Purpose

The purpose of this book is to convince you to slow down. I chose the title “slow growth” because I believe it’s a term that is made up of two of the most critical and misunderstood words in the English language. Plus, they each embody the most pertinent principles to apply in order to be an effective human being. Those are:
  1. 1.
    Engaging methodically and patiently (slow)
  2. 2.
    Perpetually learning and improving over time (growth)
By the way - by effective, I mostly mean happier, healthier, and more productive. More on all of that later.
The truth is - everything in life is better when done mindfully. One can only be intentional when they take the time to think about what’s happening to, for, or with them. After all, processing information requires both time and energy. The more we can think about what we are trying to accomplish, the more we’re at ease with ourselves and our outcomes. Proper processing also consumes less energy overall. Thus, when we’re deliberate with each moment, we can leverage our capacity to learn and trust our abilities to repel the types of stressors that are silently killing humans at an alarming rate these days.
The SLW GRWTH concept outlined in this book, intentionally misspelled, is designed to become a mindset rallied around a community of leaders who are too focused to be compromised by instant gratification and too mature to be impatient. I intend to educate and empower so that more of us can subscribe to an infinite-minded outlook that places patience and a life without (or at least a lesser amount of) stress at the forefront.
This book can apply to everyone but will be most impactful to those that constantly feel tension in their bodies and/or are leading teams in high-growth organizations.
Picking up this book is the appropriate first step. Now let’s stop, take a deep breath, and consider what you want to get out of the content within the forthcoming chapters. To better emphasize the Slow Growth process, I’ve modified chapters and turned them into “phases” throughout the book. This structure expects you to grow alongside the pages of the book.
If you’re reading this in the relaxed comfort of your own home, survey your surroundings. Is anything around you potentially distracting or stress-inducing?
If you’re listening to this while on the go, whether in your car or during a jog, look introspectively to ensure you’re paying attention. If not, reset and slow down your pace.
Whatever your interest in the SLW GRWTH movement, I can guarantee you will ‘walk’ (not run) away from this book as a much more relaxed and accepting optimist with a clearer vision for your future.
Check your brakes and let’s begin. Albeit, slowly...