Patience is Relaxed, Calm, and Stress-Free

Patience brings about evenness to the turmoil of a hectic schedule. Patience is platonic yet provides us with the most serenity, enabling us to have full control over any situation that we face.
The concept of waiting, however, has turned repulsive. Given how the virtual world works on instant gratification, from swift responses to immediate media sharing, we are integrating a similar mindset of instant gratification within the younger generation especially.
These people are growing up without understanding the hours’ worth of wait to go to a library and looking up for it; Google is the one-stop 24/7/365 available encyclopedia. In such a happening, survival is bleak. How can people survive if they do not understand how to cope with patience when required? Patience and endurance are critical when it comes to success even.
With patience, we have control over our actions. Patience grants us solace to deal with situations, preventing us from reacting negatively to our happenings. It also teaches us that we are no more important or insignificant to others, teaching us to be humble. When we are humble, we learn to deal with things at their peace without any expectancy of a rush.
When we are patient, we acknowledge that no matter how much we try to push something, it will only happen at its pace. There are things beyond our control, and we should not try to manipulate them. The benefits of knowing we cannot control or determine the course of actions around us help us deal with other’s actions as well.
This is critical when dealing with harassment or demeaning remarks of others. Patience shapes our mindset to be one of generosity. The quick-thinker, instead of impulsively dealing with snide remarks, in the same way, allows the sluggish side to take charge.
The sluggish side takes time to process what happened. Then, it models our action to let the snide remarks be; what others say about us will never define our character. Only our actions define our character, which grants comfort, making us patient with our situation.
When you are not rushing things, your mind is at peace. There is no need for you to be stressed about something not working out or why something is getting delayed. Sounds surreal? It isn’t. Patience grants you immense peace with the way things are unraveling around you.
When you accept things the way they are, instead of manipulating the timeline of an outcome, you are teaching yourself to be ok with gratification. This is where the concept of delayed gratification comes to play as well. Where the trending social media sets unrealistic expectations of instant gratification due to our quick-thinker, patience teaches us how to be at peace with delayed gratification.
It enables us to accept things when they are meant to come. We no longer feel saddened by something not happening when we want it to. Rather, we learn how to find joy through the wait of our reward after doing something. In turn, being at peace with delays will make us more successful.
How so? It’s quite simple. When you learn how to be ok with everything working out on its timeline, you will understand you are not at fault. As humans, when we understand something was not our fault, we are content with our actions. Contentment will lead to a relaxed state of mind, allowing you to see your efforts.
Finally, being able to see your efforts will signify the importance of your strengths. You will be able to bask under the knowledge of the lessons you learned along the way, shaping your mind and strengths further. And so, when you will finally reap the reward after having accomplished something, you will see more than just the outcome – you will see how you emerged better and stronger.
Your accomplishment at the expanse of patience will be more than just physical; it will be the spiritual wellbeing of too.
Once you understand the concept of patience, you will see there is no need for you to do things swiftly. Once the ‘hurry-up aspect is eradicated from your system, you will be able to concentrate on your actions and inputs. Concentration will attract awareness toward your skills. You will be able to focus on yourself.
Patience lets you take things at a normal pace. Think of it as a drive. If you are speeding, your surroundings will be blurry. But if you are to drive at a normal pace, you will notice the scenery around you. That is what life is about – in the present moment and not the future. To focus on the present, you need to be conscious.
Let’s come back to our drive. When you are speeding, you are anxious. Your mind is racing as well, thinking of preventing road collisions.