Finding Greatness All Over Again

“Find me something great, and I’ll show you a long journey of ‘showing up’ that led it to its greatness.”
- Unknown.
The reason behind losing motivation is not knowing why you are doing something anymore. You lose the initial understanding of performing a task or commitment. While the reason behind this varies, from not getting what you wanted due to a lack of effort from the other end, if something leaves you with a void, you will lose motivation behind achieving it.
A lacking sense of achievement makes us forget why we started our journey in the first place. Here, we need to realign our vision and reignite our motive behind doing what we started.
Two things can be done here to regain that greatness you once worked with or to let go if something is not serving you. Because even with letting go, you are only cutting off something that may not have worked out in your favor. And when you cut off something that did not serve you, you will be able to navigate yourself towards your greatness and what you are meant to do.
If you are doing something that serves you, but due to inconsistencies along the way felt it’s not working out, you need to reignite that spark of motivation.
You need to take a break and reflect on your journey so far. Think of the reason why you started doing that thing in the first place. That should be enough to invoke a sense of hanging on than letting go. Once you reminisce of the initial motive, you need to reflect on all that you have achieved.
Even if these achievements are trivial and may not directly serve your goal, think of these as rewards for your efforts thus far. Induce an acknowledgment system where your skills being polished and you discovering more goals for yourself will be the reward you gained.
Therefore, by giving your time, heart, and soul to achieving something, you reaped the benefits in the form of enhancing skills and broadening your abilities. When you do so, you will feel less tired of your progress when you acknowledge all that you have gained than focusing on the loss.
You will find the purpose and motivation again. Once you identify all that you achieved, your efforts will no longer seem inconsistent to you. Once you find the greatness of self-development, you will see the ‘showing up’ of your journey that has just begun. And that in itself is the paramount greatness of all.