Getting Started

With a purposeful mission of getting people to slow down and observe what’s around them, for people to care about values of life that they cannot see thus far, I, Logan Lenz, present this book to you as a mere participant and messenger. This book is a narration for all of us trying to find meaning and value in our daily lives. I’m merely a conduit to the helpful truth.
Unfortunately, we do not always have the luxury of time, though. We’re constantly being told to live in the moment, but we need to find ways to create enough space for our minds to conquer these moments. Like most things in life, this improves through practice and a deeper understanding of ourselves.
Time is not a myth or a framework that adheres us to ourselves either. Rather, it is something we adhere to without acknowledging our actions and the time that is truly required to complete a task.
We have succumbed to mindless working, where our minds are idle. This is the dangerous space where things are done carelessly and without much thought. We grow so accustomed to our routines that daily operations become mundane and monotonous. It is almost as if we are living robotically. While a robot is not meant to feel, they can burnout as well - and so how can you, as a human being, disregard a burnout when yours will be fueled by a lack of consideration for your feelings?
Above all of this, the norm of today’s society disregards a person’s emotions. We preach separating emotions from work, but what gets blurred here is the fine line between keeping personal emotions and work away rather than keeping all emotions away. Consequently, when a person starts to keep their emotions at bay, even if it's their intuition or a subconscious warning of something working as a stressor, we become oblivious.
We turn ignorant to our betterment and ourselves because of our mindless actions. For example, how many times have you gazed at the clock, only to be left stunned that it's noon so fast and you are left with an overwhelming amount of tasks on your to-do list? What’s more puzzling is the fact that you don’t know where this time went or what you've actually accomplished, even though you've been rushing all morning. While there are good reasons why staying focused is so difficult for us, the result almost always becomes panic and stress over time.