Diverse Consistency

By turning mastery into passion, we enable ourselves to understand how each day grants us the opportunity to reverse our inconsistency. The inconsistency over time is what leads us to lose focus on everything we do. It blurs our ability to acknowledge we have worked hard and what needs to be amended for us to succeed.
When facing such a dilemma, we can think of it as ‘Diverse consistency,’ which is the art of finding an insatiable balance between the things you want and need to do.
While finding the balance can be deemed the key to happiness, maintaining that balance is tricky.
See, for you to succeed in your endeavors, you have to be consistent in your approach and time. You have to have that same level of energy and motivation you had when you first began something. Be it relationships, education, or job; everything requires consistency. If you falter along the way and fail to keep up, you may lose all progress and not achieve what you once thought.
The common factor that leads to inconsistency in commitments is often people going astray. They get enticed by something else than what they are working at. Such a division of interest may be deemed as either conflict of interest or a diversion. Here, it becomes key for you to acknowledge what it is you want.
If you wish to have both things, know it may come with a risk of losing either-or. This is a very subjective matter in actuality. I believe you can have your cake and eat it too, as long as it does not come at the expanse of hurting someone’s sentiment or self-sabotage.
If you find your passion divided in relationships, it is naturally advised to leave the person you are contemplating someone else over.
If this is the case for education or job, there is the greatest fix for you. I call Diverse Consistency, meaning you can work on your passion and cognitive ability. Just that, you will have to find a way to balance it out.
Such a move does come with months and months of practice, dedication, and constant reminders of what it is that you want. As long as you remember your end goal, you will never run out of the motivation to continue keeping up with your commitments.
The one thing that will make diverse consistency manageable will be the dose that will come from doing what you’re passionate about. You will be able to reason with yourself that while you are doing something you like, it’s because you have a cognitive mastery of keeping other aspects of your life in check.
And then, with time, as you will practice the motion of passion and mastery, your efforts will become consistent in their pursuit, leading to the clarity of acknowledging your progress!