Passion Can Be Created Through Mastery

Understanding how life gives us a chance to move along each day and make things better for ourselves, the next big challenge that comes forth is Passion vs. Mastery.
For those confused between the two, passion is what we like to do, and mastery is what we are good at. While it is not a rare combination for a person to master their passion, they can have a separate passion and proficient skill they use. Such is often found when people with artistic skills are found in a whole other industry, working.
If that is the case, is it possible for a person to be impassionate about their good? The truth is, no. While doing things we are good at without passion may be a leading cause of career/personal life dissatisfaction, we can change this course for ourselves.
I will skip the whole conversation of finding the motivation to turn your passion into a job because there is a ton of guidance out there for it. What I will focus on instead is how you can converge passion from your current standpoint.
It may seem to find passion in your current stance if it does not entice or excite you. Nevertheless, it does not mean this will be the way of life for you forever. All you have to work on is your perception, and find at least one part of your current work or education, or any task that you are doing into fun.
If you are to turn your current commitment into something fun, it will make you look forward to it every day. For example, you may be working as an accountant, though you are passionate about cooking. Instead of cooking on the sideline, you can turn accounting fun by changing your work mode. How so?
Since cooking is fun as it allows you space to experiment, similarly, you can make work experimental by not working in one place. Go for accounting jobs that will allow you to work for different clients, work freelance. It will give you a little creative freedom in terms of being elsewhere than sitting behind a desk.
As you will continue to master working from different places for different clients, you will start to induce freehand elements into your job. That will help eradicate the mundane nature of working as an accountant and leading to at least a sense of passion for you to look forward to each day.
In short, while masteries are our intellectual capabilities, personality qualities, life experience, emotional talents, attributes, and current experiences, we are referred to as passions. When we use our intellectual capabilities with our talents, it will create a unique blend of experience, forming passion through our mastery.
No other day would seem dull or stale. We will wake up looking forward to each day as a new beginning.