Phase 2: Consistency over Time

There are many occasions where people commit to doing something, be it to themselves, to work or anyone else in the form of obligation. However, as they progress with that obligation or commitment, their efforts wear off. The dedication and zest they once began work with turns stale.
From distractions to lack of motivation to go along with the commitment, people grow tired for various reasons. The initial motivation that was there to do something fades. As a result, the particular task/obligation/commitment bears the consequences of it in the form of a poor turnout.
This is a common occurrence in our lives. Each of us goes through the phase of what we call a ‘burnout.’ Intense and sustained stress can lead to burnout, which is a cause of emotional, bodily, and cognitive weariness. When you are stressed, emotionally tired, and unable to meet constant demands, it is called burnout.
Burnout is what leads us to be inconsistent in our efforts toward accomplishing something. We start to feel tired constantly. That takes a toll on our mental awareness, making us lose focus. It greatly contributes to us doing things without paying heed to our efforts. We become deaf to the rhythm of our efforts, making us go unconscious to our efforts and progress.
So what leads to burnout or inconsistency?