Child vs. Adult Maturity

I will keep this one short; why? Because we already know about the different types of influences on all developmental processes.

The difference lies between an adult influencing a child’s development and their choices based on societal influence. What do I mean by this? Look at it this way. An adult undergoing stress does not function with clarity. When that happens, and they are responsible for a child, their decisions will be hazed.

An adult with a lack of clarity will not be able to assist a child properly. This is why we often see cases of child abuse. An adult going through stress at home or work is under pressure to resolve their issue while making a living. This is a time where the adult needs support themselves. They need additional assistance to make decisions that resolve their issues. Their brain requires the focus on each of the problematic aspects in their lives.

However, a child does not know anything. So they depend on the adult. That child is still in their basic learning phase. They need guidance on how to sit, how to stand, how to pronounce, and how to chew.

For someone undergoing stress, however, this may be too much. But this is where maturity most differs for a child and an adult.

The child’s maturity is not fully developed. They are still learning the basics of life. For example, they don’t know the proper way to do things on their own yet.

The adult’s maturity is much more than that of a child unless they were not taught or learned how to behave wisely. When growing up, our actions are defined by our reaction to situations, right? For a child, their reaction is what we call childish because they have not experienced anything yet. But we do.

We go through failures and challenges, which work as an exam. After going through our challenges, we learn the right way to do things and get things done. This is what builds up our maturity. Our experiences as we grow up teach us how to react to things and how to be vigilant. For a child who is still learning to grab a spoon, do you think they would know any better than to come and approach you? No.

This is how a child’s development differs from that of an adult. They are not exposed to life as we are. They are still learning how to pronounce words through phonics while divulging in conversations to maintain work and relationships.

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