The Stress-Free Guide

The Stress-Free Guide

Sadly, stress is the silent killer that secretly exists inside our bodies. It’s living rent-free in our minds and constantly asking us for our attention. When it knocks, we answer. When it calls, we pick up the phone. When it asks for sugar, we head for the grocery store.

This is the vicious cycle that a Slow Growth mindset hopes to eliminate from your life.

  • Busyness leads to stress.

  • Stress invites itself in.

  • You give it a blanket and pillow.

  • And since it’s sleeping over, it sticks around and demands breakfast in bed.

  • The more you feed the beast, the bigger it grows.

  • The less we confront the uninvited stress guest when it asks to come in, the more inclined we are to accept its position in our minds. That precious real estate in your mind is expensive, but stress is bringing down the value.

  • This negatively impacts the entire neighborhood.

So we accept it as normal and try to find ways to keep stress comfortable. Our brains are so easily tricked into believing it won’t ask for another favor if it’s sleeping comfortably.

My goal as the author of this book is to eradicate you from work-induced stress. Again, I’m confident that the Slow Growth mentality outlined in this book will help.

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