Reasons Why Consistency Evaporates Over Time

When you commit to taking any action in the future, this is referred to as time consistency. It's time coherent if the motivation to keep the vow is the same as the motive to make it. However, due to various factors, we tend to forget our initial motivation to being consistent.

When the motive of doing something is not there, how can we expect to be motivated to do something? Motive is the engine to motivation, in which absence we cannot function.

Suppose you are experiencing something similar to starting a project or any task only to find yourself half-hearted about it halfway through. In that case, you may be on the verge of burnout, contributing to your inconsistency.

The following are signs that can help you identify if your motive is inconsistent:

Distancing Yourself From Work-Related Activities: Burnout causes people to see their occupations becoming increasingly demanding and frustrating. They could become pessimistic about their working conditions and coworkers. They may also become disengaged from their profession and become numb to it.

Physical Health Being Compromised: When you get tired and cannot focus on ongoing tasks, your physical health may be affected. From indigestion to headaches and blurry visions, all of these are symptoms that you are tiring yourself.

Mental Fatigue: This one is a given. You are unable to see your efforts and progress. When you do not recognize your input, your mental energy will drop low. It is human instinct to strive for progress. When you cannot identify your progress, it will take a toll on you mentally.

Burnout means feeling exhausted, depleted, and unable to function. Individuals frequently lack the energy to perform their tasks.

All of this may sound harrowing. It is more dreading for the person undergoing a burnout phase. Their efforts are turn inconsistent, leading them to assume they no longer qualify for what they are working towards.

The core cause behind burnout is a time-inconsistent commitment. What do I mean by this? To simply put it, the commitment you once made to get something done has a loophole in terms of time or commitment.

For example, you promise to help out a friend with their project tomorrow. But when tomorrow rolls in, a work of yours pops up, requiring attention. But since you committed, you attempt to do two tasks at a time. As a result, it takes a toll on your energy. Do not this is a trivial example, which can be recovered easily with a good night’s rest.

Alternatively, most of us make such commitments daily at work. It can take the form of procrastination even, and we all know procrastination never ends well. Over time, the build-up of inconsistency over time will lead us to derail from our goals and visions. So how can one steer back to time consistency?

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