An Adult Should Know Better

Why should an adult know better? Because they had undergone basic development training when they were young. Adults are already taught how to converse, how to behave, how to respond. A child does not.
The best way to help you know why an adult should know better is this:
- Adults have experience of life.
- Adults have lived longer than a child.
- A child goes through school; an adult goes through life.
- The child depends on you; You don’t depend on the child.
- The child has no say when they are born.
- As adults, we have the power to make decisions, even for the child.
- Children undergo chemical changes. The development windows of their brain are still expanding; adults’ contracts.
Above all, an adult should know better because we are the ones bringing children into this world. We have lived. We have gone through each day of our lives, learning things along the way. We are equipped with the happenings and can predict most outcomes.
A child is naïve. They have just entered this world. They are learning how to pick pencils and draw lines on paper while learning how to draw lines and boundaries in our personal and professional lives. This is enough to sketch the shift in our maturity levels and that of a child. This is why, as adults, we know better.