An Adult’s Development

Adult development is not so much affected by the chemical changes in their life as a child than external factors.
The study of child development has generally emphasized understanding and forecasting changes. However, as the definition of development is becoming broader than just the neurotransmitters and hormones in childhood, modern scientific research has been expanded beyond birth to old age.
It is commonly acknowledged that growth can occur not only in biological processes but also in physical, intellectual, behavioral, and social domains of activity.
Adult growth is closely connected to cultural and social shifts. The problems of managing the pressures of family and job life; rises in stress connected with aging, caregiving, and economic problems; how changes in the company are altering the skills and commitment of retirement; and how modern technology is altering.
Unlike a child whose development is affected by chemical changes in their bodies and how they are treated at school and home, adults experience something similar yet different. While each category is going through a change of its own kind, these changes are different. Each change requires a different set of actions that an individual has to deal with.